I headed off to look for boots in Basildon. But no luck.

Overnighted in Harwich, after making sure of a ticket on tomorrow’s boat.
Cute hotel room. Used an airplane theme. The overhead-bins were VERY practical. Surprise more hotels do not do something similar.

Thursday morning up, and onto the boat.

Trip over from Harwich to the Hook of Holland was made fun by Rod. Ex-plasterer and now part-time cabbie, who also has gone back to motorcycles later in life. Had lots of stories.

Rode over to Nijnmegen where I looked for a place to stay. Turned out to be in nearby Elst.

Nice people at the hotel sorted out a room for me, and an excellent place to park my bike.
Unpacked then had supper (see pics) even though kitchen was closed. Nice people these Dutch.

Next morning off to do laundry and look at the town.
Nicer than last night!
Will stay an extra night.