Day started off well. My TomTom update completed in less than 10hrs!
Of course, it did make me wonder why there were 6Gigs of updates from a few weeks ago!

Still meant a bit of missed sleep, so late on the road.

Found the VW “World” easily enough. And was directed to a special parking area for motorcycles. I like that about Europe 🙂

Seeing as it was lunchtime had an EXCELLENT cake and a nice coffee by the river.

Reception around the corner sorted me out, which made it easy to place my armour into a locker, and go forth.

First stop was the museum. Or more accurately, a stroll through the highlights of automotive history. Outstanding collection.

The other buildings were a mix of sales/technology showcases. ‎And lots of restaurants and cafes.

The whole site‎ was an architectural and landscaping showcase. With lots of walking and stairs

Then on to a “brauhaus” where I had a small beer and a large supper. Forgot to photo the food. haha. Says something about the state of my hunger?

Rode home.
Picked up some fruit and water.
Then updated the blog. There were lots of co-ordintes posted, sans story. Did as many as I could given the flaky wifi. Keeps dropping out then coming back online.

Checked the ride for tomorrow, as best as I could.

And so to bed. Goodnight all.