Berlin is a Surprise!

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First order of business was to get to the BMW factory and organize a tour.
That did not go so well.
No-one on the gate had a clue, but they dug up a phone# and web-site.
The web-site was the one that I had already looked at, to no avail. How bad is it? I was lucky to find the address of the factory. As for organising at tour‎, no calendar of availability, no “shopping basket”, no clear instructions 🙁
‎The phone# worked better, though you do have to try several times. No queue. Just time out after 7mins and then you are cut off. Seems random. But after a while got through and found a real live person.
Sad news. No space till September 5th.
Still. I was given an email address so that I could send a request for the link to the online booking page. Still trying to get that to work.

‎Next stop was to refuel both me and the bike. ‎Nice pita, baklava and coffee took care of me. Ethanol free petrol, chain-lube and general TLC took care of the bike.

Off to BMW dealer for a check on the bike. As suspected brakes and chain need some TLC. I will bring the bike in tomorrow.

A ride downtown Berlin‎, showed lots of green space. And a few of the sights.
The space, and greenery, was not what I was expecting from a major city.

Then onto my airbnb stop.
Rapha is my young host. And once I unloaded my gear, we went to the local brewpub.
A couple of nice pints in the beer garden.
Chatted about how Berlin does not have a concentrated downtown like most cities. But has this large area defined by the “circle” line (underground/subway).

Been a long hot day on the bike. The cool evening and beers with chat made a perfect end.