So much for German efficiency

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Up early and dropped the bike off at the dealer’s.

Which reminds me. Ulf (the Service Manager) told me yesterday that even the owner of BMW Motorrad in Silicon Valley could not get a tour of the Motorrad plant! Made me feel better.

Hopped onto the subway and made my way back to my airbnb.
Unfortunately I have been in North America too long and miscounted the floors. For some reason my key would not fit the apartment door. Whilst writing a ‘Help’ email, realised the front door mat was the wrong design. Boy was I glad I had not banged on the door! hahaha. Walked up one more flight and dropped off my biker gear.

Caught the subway again, ‎after a pastry and coffee 😉

Rode out to Potsdam.

This is where the wheels fell of the wagon. Or, more accurately, the bendy-bus.
We all waited and waited. Bus came. We all boarded. We waited. We waited. And we all got off. “Essen kaput”.
So over to the train station. Waited and waited. The train was late.
What happened to German efficiency?

Not sure how the Internet of Things is going to help. (Engineering joke).

Or maybe I should not be going to Parc Sansucci?

Will let you know how this works out.