Work reared it’s ugly head. So I wrapped that up and went to BMW.
Subway was on scheduled maintenance so had to take a bus. ‎Took much longer but, I got to see more of Berlin.

The dealer had the bike all ready. True to form, BMW stands for “Breaking My Wallet”. But the work looks AOK. I have had some dealers overfill the engine oil, which can cause serious problems. But here was OK.
No bike washing though. Oakville always give me a shining clean bike.
I put the handlebar muffs back on the bike. ‎A fiddly job, but seems quicker every time I do it. And it was in the shade.
Coffee, water and some sweeties, then said my goodbye’s and rode off. Remembering to be early with the new brakes. They take a little while to be 100% effective. New chain was quiet.

36degC not ideal biking weather. So I decided to ride home and checkout two laundrettes that were supposed to be nearby. Saw more of Berlin (the Wedding area)‎ but no laundrettes.

Back home I parked the bike, put on the cover, and had a nap. Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the afternoon sun!

Awoke in the early evening and popped out for some water and fruit. And for supper at a local asian restaurant, that IMHO, is really good 🙂 The crispy duck and fried rice were really tasty.

Returned home just as Rapha did too.
He was heading out again. But I think the heat and sun on Thursday took more out of me than I thought, in my walk around Potsdam. Despite the shade from my brolly.
Riding for just a couple of hours in today’s heat was no joy either.

So did some planning and booking. ‎Poland it is on Saturday.

See you then.

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