Breakfast was nice. And sharing a table with an online purveyor of “all things Goth” made it interesting too.

Checked the bike.
Checked that the broken glass from yesterdays wedding had been cleaned up.

Then had a nap.
This travelling can be really tiring.

Awoke and the power was off. The staff found the breakers and all was well.
Going to the lobby ‎did mean that I saw some of the “walking wounded” from last night. Was expecting to see the partying still going on today.

Back in my room caught up on my TaiChi and reading.
Then started to catch up on my blog. I was behind on my SPOT entries. The ones that only had co-ordinates. Were more than I thought.
Had a break for supper.
Then back and finish the updates.

One of the readings on my todo list was the TomTom manual. All 134 pages.
Confimed that this TomTom is designed (IMHO)‎ to get the programmers from their mommies and into work, and back again. With the occasional ride around the block.
Think I am exaggerating?
The TomTom is designed to learn your preferred routes and destinations, and predict where you want to go. ‎Useful for those mommy boys, and no one else.
The TomTom will not give you your location. ‎For the mommy boys, they are at a known location or going to one. The rest of us are somewhere where we have not been before. And it may not have an address. Heck. There may not be any building within a 100km.
Worst still, it expects to use your phone to look for Points Of Interest. Only mommy boys‎ live in a world that has 100% mobile phone coverage.

In planning the next stage, am working on an average of 50km per hour. That would seem to be about all the roads in Poland can support. And so Opole is my next stop.
See you there.

G’nite all.

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