Up early ‎to pack and head east.

First port of call was Wroclaw.
TomTom was switched off so I could see the town. After all, it is 2016 European Capital of Culture, and more.
Nice place.
I finally pick up some Zloty (Polish cash) and had a coffee‎ with pastries. One of the pastries was REALLY good. Like a small eclair, but different. Buy by the pound. I was very good and had only the one!

Back on the road I am ahead of schedule.
The weather is 26degC alterating sunny and cloudy.
Traffic is not heavy.
And the roads are relatively smooth.

Then the weather starts warming up.
And TomTom is trying to get me going in circles, so I cancelled the scenic route and headed for the hotel.

Getting close to Opole, I spotted a giant pysanka. Luckily there is a roundabout nearby, so I can easily come back.
‎This was the Muzeum Wsi Opolskiej.
A kind lady let me in for free as it was only open for another half hour. Consequently I could only see a bit. Looks like a Polish version of Black Creek Pioneer Village, but bigger. Well worth a visit. Just do not expect to see a living village, with a real brewery, as we have in Toronto.

During my stroll I found that the weather was heating up even more, up to 31degC by now.
Some 30km from Opole I found a petrol station where I stopped for some water, topped up the fuel, lub’d the chain, etc. Then I rode into Opole, comfortable that I would not need to see to the bike till the morning.

First thing I noticed about Opole? Hells Angels have a chapter here. hmmmm

But once past that, Opole looks and feels like a nice city.
Pity TomTom does not understand addresses. Placed the hotel at the wrong end of the street. I parked where TomTom led me, then did some research and walking to find the hotel, and book in.
Room was not ready.
So I took the time to locate parking. Lessons learned. Always check the terrain. Was a building site. Literally. Glad I checked.
Walked back to the bike, plugged the destination into TomTom, and brought the bike around.
I waited another 15mins at reception, and my room was ready.

Quite a relief to get out of the armour. Weather has become hot and sticky.
Booked a place in Krakow.
Went out.

Nice stroll along the river.
Pedestrian bridge with locks cementing partners hearts.
Then onto the Piast Tower (see photo).

Remaining tower of a castle from the Piast dynasty. A powerful family in Poland’s history.

Up to the other remaining wall. No health&safety here, as some of the boards were loose and past their best-by date 🙂

Next door was the Cathedral.
The town hall looking as if it was taken from Florence.
And up the hill, the university and another church.
Then ‎down for sushi.

A short stroll to the hotel.
How nice a hotel am I staying in? Toronto prices for beer.

Krakow tomorrow.

G’nite all.

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