Up early again. 

Also set a reminder to mention my unofficial mission. Find good kabanossi. 
Yup. Since Durie Meats closed down those many years ago, good ones are rarer than winning England football teams. 
So why mention it now? Last night’s stroll around Opole saw me find a traditional Polish shop (their decription). In I went. Kabanossi looked only so-so, but the Hunter’s sausage looked OK. Bought the Hunter and sat outside to eat. Yum 🙂

On the road today, I had even more luck with a bakery. Purchased a hunk of apple cheese cake. That and coffee comprised my breakfast. Even though it was eaten around noon.

Another 30mins or so and I was at the Tyskie brewery. Quite large. ‎Huge might be a better word. 
Took a couple of goes to find the museum in the brewery site. ‎Then in I went. 
Next tour was at 4pm. Too late. Especially as I cannot drink and ride! But a nice chat with the receptionist 🙂


Took the selfie, and rode on. 

As for riding, today the weather has been really nice. 21-26degC. Mix of sun and cloud. 
Roads have been busy, with OK surfaces for the most part.

Am now about 40km from my place in Krakow. Needed to stop for fuel for both the bike and me. ‎As you can see, I got the better end of the deal 😉


See you in Krakow