Wednesday is Wash Day

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Up and a quick breakfast of leftovers (my fave), then to work.

Finished up my BCS report. Takes a few hours as the downloaded data is not clean. I have setup a process and it works. Just takes time and patience.

Dropbox announced my app will no longer work. Not a surprise, as they had given a heads-up. I opened the app up, in order to check if it really had died. Then watched as the app uninstalled itself. I ran an extensive cleanup, to make sure it really was gone.
The browser still works fine, so this is only a minor inconvenience.

Then off to the laundrette. This is no ordinary place. I checked it out yesterday. Nice staff. Beer n food whilst waiting. What is there not to like! Yeah!
Met a Kiwi girl, who had done Vietnam on a motorcycle. Shades of TopGear 🙂