Wednesday&Krakow Wrap Up

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Chores all done, I could head out and see the city.

Nice place the Old Town.

The Castle was even nicer. And HUGE. This photo
is of a corner with the chapel. Look at the tiny people!

Walked over to a brewpub that I noticed on the way in. Tea-Time claims to be the first one in Poland. Had an OK pint of bitter
though they do use sparklers 🙁

The Tea-Time is at the corner of the Jewish section, which I explored next.
Full of little cafes, bars and restaurants.
Also full of Millennials, which I cannot recall seeing elsewhere. You know the type. Skinny bearded chaps, in clothes that look slightly too tight. But if they are here, it must be a happening place.

The area included a fruit n veg shop, so bought a few items
Cooked up supper

Started the packing.
And now to bed.

G’nite all.