Lviv, and it wasn’t easy

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So Plan A started well and continued that way. Weather 23degC and light traffic. I get to the border, and a lady selling cigarettes(?) tells me to take the other row where there is no queue. I do that and find myself running down a line, a long line, that has a red light. I have green. Brill. I get to the border thinking, made it. Then Plan B raised it’s ugly head.
In a logical world, if u are leaving a country, who cares. Well Poland does. They checked my documents and told me I was illegal. After long delays there was some mention of 500zlotti ($160Cdn) yadda yadda yaa. I showed my British driving licence, made a call, and I was OK’d.
Going to Ukraiina was AOK, though the lady forgot the shtemple for my bike so I had to go back.
Then joy of joys, this…..

Land of my father’s. Holy smokes!
For most of my life, I never thought I would be in Ukraiina. And here I was.

Ran all the way to Lviv and the hotel. Tried parking by the front door, but they insisted that I put the bike in the car park, which is secured 😉
Booked in.
Went to the flea market around the corner and (a) changed my Zlotti for Hrivny (b) got a KyivStar SIM card
Back and TLC for the bike, then strolled to the old town.
Brewpub (Pravda) was hopping, but I was out for coffee. Found that at the “coffee mine”. Hey! I am being serious. You cannot make this stuff up. See below……
And the coffee mine was a giggle.

Walked back.

Almost ate a donner kebab that made Taco Bell haute cuisine.
Am back at the hotel, self medicating on Livivske 😉

June says:

I am reading the blog. !!
It’s fascinating and you are having wonderful adventures. I am thinking that it would all be very good to read in its entirety, but then is the journey ever truly over? Keep up the good work xx

biker says:

Cheers 🙂