Up nice and early, in time for TaiChi before the very nice breakfast.

Then out to sort out my phone. Turns out that the usual plans allow you to call mobiles but not landlines. Another 50hrv fixed that.
If you need a SIM card, go see Andriy of KyivStar, across from the railway station.

Then went to a nearby military store. Had to super-glue one of my boots today.
But, as usual, nothing that fits these feet of mine.

Went to the train station, as it looked like Thomas the Tank Engine was there. Maybe his Ukrainian cousin? haha

Downtown to scout out some places. Job done.
Sunday I go to the opera (Madam Butterfly) followed by supper at Pani Stefa.

That is of course, if I make it.
The nice girl in the tourist information office, explained to me how to get to the cemetery and museum. Museum uphill, so I went there first.
Like a Black Creek Pionneer Village but MUCH bigger.
Which is the reason why I am writing this note. While I still can.
The photo is of an open-face sallo sandwich. Or what was left of it. At a tradional Kozak kuhna. It was, soft, lucious and garlicky. But health&safety would not approve, leaving it out in the open like that, for an hour or three. Bread was curling at the edges.
So just in case they are right, I am writing this blog entry now. hahahahahahahaha20160903_1448_LvivSelloSallo
After all. Coming to Ukraiina and not having sallo, is like going to England and not having fish&chips, or Canada and no poutine, or France and no champagne……

“Yak umru tu po-ha-vii-ti……..”