Up, but late for breakfast. That’s OK. Wanted to try Pani Stefa‘s and did. 20160904_1213_LvivPaniStefaSallo_sm
Yup. Sallo again. Not as good as yesterday’s, because it was out of the fridge.
There was also the BEST liver and onions EVER. Sorry, no photo. It was that good 🙂
A chat with a nice gentleman from Kiev, and we went out seperate ways.

I went back to the tourist information office to get some help deciphering the tram/bus map. They had much the same difficulty as me. It appeared they were looking things up on Google!!!
Ended up with a number 9 or 10 would get me close enough to home. And my bed for the night.

Now I could set off on the recommended walking tour.
This is NOT for the faint of heart, though I saw many a young lady negotiate rough terrain in shoes that really belonged at a boulevard cafe.
Lots of churches to see. Best is not on the list, and I will keep it that way.

Halfway along is the castle, though that is a bit of a misnomer. The hill is there, and they have put a platform on the top so you can view the city and surrounding countryside.The walk is quite the challenge, in terms of ground, height and numbers of people.

On the way down, I stopped off in this museum, which for some reason is not on TripAdvisor. Had a very interesting tour, as I latched onto one just begining. Covers the 20th century ways in which Ukraiina tried to gain it’s independence. The political and the military ways. Was quite the learning experience.
Guess they will have to add a new chapter for Crimea and Eastern Ukraiina.

To the walking tour, I had added the Arsenal Museum as my last stop. However, a couple in front of me were agreeing that going in for the last 10mins was pointless. I decided on the same, especially as the opera started in 40mins.

Did manage a stop at a hand made chocolate store. No photos either 🙂

Then to the opera.
Madame Butterfly, in a lovely setting……


At intermission, Volodymyr, a 62yr veteran, that is 62yrs of attending the opera, took me to the mirror room. An outstanding reception room, with antique venitian mirrors.

Madame Butterfly was excellent. I had goose-bumps in the 2nd act 🙂

A quick “charka” at a nearby bar, then we both caught the same tram.

I walked over to the hotel, and ended up with a plate of sallo. Again, not as good, as had been kept in the fridge.
Was going to have this as an appetizer, but so much, that I went to bed.

Richard says:

you’ll be sallo’d out before you know it. Any fish and chips around there? With mushy peas?

biker says:

no. but fish for breakfast with kasha 🙂