Lviv Exit, Brody and Pochaev

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Up early.
Rode out of Lviv as the rain came down. Guess the city was sad to see me go.
NOTE: The roads looked as if soap had been poured onto them. White foam on the wet roads. A new one for me.

Bailed at Brody where I had a tiny lunch near this monument….

The next bit was going to be interesting. TomTom has only major roads and towns listed. My destination was not on the TomTom list. Had purchased a tourist map to cover this eventuality. All I had to do was map read the way I had when first arriving in Europe. And that experience made me buy the TomTom. haha

Was a relatively easy way and I found the hotel.

Booked in and gave the bike TLC.
Here is the view from my hotel window…..
This is the monastery.

Took a stroll around and purchased some fruit, water and piroshki 🙂

Back to wait for Ukraiina vs Iceland, around 2200hrs. Awoke long enough for the goals, then back to sleep.
Ukraiina played much better than in the Euros. There was some fire in the soul. Iceland were no push-over, as England found out.
The 1-1 score seemed fair.