Pochaev Exit, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk

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Up too early for breakfast, so ran a TaiChi set.
Then fish and kasha, with a cheese-nalisnik for breakfast.
Packed and headed south.

You can tell when you are out of the tourist areas because
– signs are only in Ukrainian
– horses are pulling carts
– roto-tillers are pulling carts
– people do a double-take on your motorcycle

Other impressions of Ukraiina
– strip farming
– churchs and chapels EVERYWHERE
– smog from trucks and buses
– very little traffic outside of the cities
– rolling steppes, which look like vast plains, but hide HILLS
– everyone has a garden

Ternopil, was just a drive-through. Looked healthy enough.
The Shell station featured a challenge on exit. 6inch transition from driveway to road, and signage blocking all view of traffic! hahahaha Thank the Lord for Napoli!

Close to Ivano-Frankivsk, stopped off to hydrate.
Met a couple of nice lads who were riding into the Karpaty for a long weekend. Vittaliy and Oleksander 🙂

Was a quick run into town and the “boutique” hotel. Why the quotes? A 5-storey hotel without a lift is hardly boutique!
And the wifi is iffy. Setup for a static IP? Who does that???

Unpacked. TLC for the bike. Then off in search of a launderette. Google said there was one on the other side of the old town. hahahahahahahaha. So much for Google.
Still got to see a lot of the outside of I-F, and found this Yoga Cafe for supper…….




Eating soups and salads, plus walking up and down 5 flights of stairs will get me back to my fit-and-trim self 😉

Came back to find the wifi no better, so repaired to the lobby, and updated the blog.

Now to finish the planning…….