Ivano-Frankivsk Day02 (Thursday)

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Up and TaiChi. Need to wake up the legs after all of yesterday’ walking.

Breakfast was healthy and nice…..

Set me up for the walk to the lake, which is in the middle of the city.
Looks nice……
but mind out for the smog, and the litter.
The bridge in the background is one favoured by lovers as they walk over to the island.

The walk into the city centre took me by the museum to Oleksa Dovbush. The Ukrainian Robin Hood.
My favourite bit is the way Dovbush dies! 2,000 troops were out looking for him, but could not catch him. However, the husband of his true love did catch him!

A bit more wandering ended up with a sushi lunch……
The salmon and soup were OK. The rest, hmmmmm
Still. Never thought I’d be in Ukraiina, looking at chopsticks with elastic bands!!!

I wandered into the cathedral and stayed for the rest of the mass.

Then around the corner to the art museum.

After parks and markets, did like the way kids treat this serious art….

Theatre was still closed for the summer.

You may have guessed that I have given up looking for the laundrette. Hey! I am a biker. The rain washes our clothes 🙂

But did find a barber/hairdresser. And yes, the young lady cuts your hair and trims your moustache for 40UAH and does OK 🙂

Which left only supper, back at the hotel.
Borstch (ignore the vodka)…..
and kishka with kappusta……

A post supper stroll, the shower and update this blog. Perfect end to the day.

G’nite all.

PS: I really like Ivano-Frankivsk