Ivano-Frankivsk Exit to Kolomyya

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Up and packed. Took a while. It did mean traipsing up and down five flights of stairs with my stuff!

Was good to be on the road. And a nice road it was.

Close to Kolomyya, I find myself looking at a church (impressive) and a lodge (wooden, by a forest) more than I should have been.
When I realized TomTom wanted me to execute a right hand turn, I decided not to. It was too dangerous. A nasty transition in the road surfaces (new asphalt had not been blended into the existing surface), and gravel scattered everywhere. And very little traffic heading that way.

Turned out well.
Rode into a restaurant, that provided an excellent lunch 🙂
Mushroom soup….


Potato pancake with schnitzel and mushroom gravy….

All served by the beautiful Marianna from……
…..wait for it……
Market Harborough, England. A stone’s throw from Leicester!!!
Was a fun chat 🙂

Followed the non-TomTom road into Kolomyya, filling up within the last few miles.
Then horror of horrors! TomTom led me to some random spot. Supposed to be the town centre of Kolomyya.

I found my own way from there, to the Pysanka Museum.
I took a photo of the oldest pysanka, from the 15th or 16th century……

After a nice look around, I tried to find my B&B. Hmmmm. TomTom does not have street names for Kolomyya. Weird or what!
My BlackBerry Maps app had the same issue. Turns out it is a TomTom product!!! Aaaaaaaaagh. That explains a lot.
Luckily I still had Google, and found my B&B.

Nice place, with nice people.

I wrapped up the day with coffee and cake. Both excellent. Cake had blueberries and sugar 🙂 🙂 🙂
Apologies for the photo. It was late at night. The flash made the picture look even worse.