Kolomyya Day02 (Saturday)

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Breakfast with a Canadian couple from near Ottawa, Oz lady from Sydney and Belgium construction manager from Antwerp. Quite the breakfast table.

They were all off to visit Hoverla, and a bunch of other spots. I was going to go and meet up, then decided the day was too nice.

Stuck to my plan, which I had reviewed last night with Vasily, the main man at the B&B.

Took a walkabout Kolomyya.
HUGE market and garage-sale just outside the B&B.
Then into town and found the National Museum.

Late lunch was at Elina’s….


Then back to prep the bike for Sunday’s departure. 200km to cover.

Closing the evening by catching up on my blog, whilst watching some footie.

PS: Why Kolomyya? Not only is it the gateway to the Karpaty mountains, but also where my father was born 🙂

Biker says:

ah Nancy. Just to let you know that Kolomyya has thought about people in wheelchairs. Not a lot! But they have put this one ramp in, for the library


yup. A challenge and an opportunity!