Kolomyya Exit and Chernivtsi for Lunch

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Everyone had said how pretty Chernivtsi was, so I decided to take the scenic route to Verkhovyna (my next stopover).

Was an easy run, after the pot-holes in Kolomyya 🙂
Tim (the other Canadian chap in the B&B) was sending photos back to his colleagues who work on road maintenance.
We both liked the tire-solution. Where there was a nasty hole (typically a drain missing it’s cover), an old tire had been stuffed into the hole, as a visual warning to the drivers 🙂

The temperature rose to 32degC as I closed onto Chernivtsi, and was glad to see this square…….
…where a pedestrian precint had been put in, just to the left of the building on the left of the town hall.
Rode in. Parked the bike, and sat here for lunch….
the patio, on the left, in the distance.

Had a nice Greek salad, where I especially liked that they painted the salad dressing inside the bowl, rather than drowning it all 🙂

The mushroom soup was nice too…..

Then off to get cash. Took 4 banks before I found one that would accept my card and/or give cash!

Then could get my espresso, at the chocolate patio, from which the photo above was taken.

Still 32degC, but refreshed, and mainly excellent roads so far, gave me hope as I headed on to Verkhovyna.