Up to have a breakfast of halva and an orange.

Then update the blog.

And step out to (a) get some money (business seems to be cash oriented here) (b) have a stroll
Part (a) went badly. Neither bank card seemed to work.
Part (b) not as expected.

A stroll around town led me to the tourist office where Vasyl gave me some pointers. I elected to take the “10 min” walk, up the same hill recommended by the receptionist.
Yes. Hmmmmm
They must be a lot fitter then they look. And everyone looks fairly fit. Took me a couple of hours. Not joking. Though I may have passed the point they were referring to. I did get to the top of the hill and take this photo…..
Lucky I took munchies and water.
Luckier that when I got back down to street level, there was a cafe selling cold beer 🙂 🙂 🙂

Took a walk through more of Verkhovyna. Found another cash point, so I tried and worked this time.
Also purchased some fruit and veg for a picnic back at the hotel.
Then a nap 🙂

Next, plugged in the info I had picked up today, for tomorrow’s ride. TomTom cannot see past the major roads here, so I shall have to go by road-signs.
Heading for Bukovel, which is a major hub for this area. The road down to Dilove is supposed to be newly resurfaced. Mind, this is from the man who said the hike was only 10mins! hahahaha

See you tomorrow chaps.