Verkhovyna Exit to Dilove

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Up and breakfast. Which reminds me, when they say omlette here, they mean a kind of crepe pancake. Not an issue, as has been really good so far 🙂

Rode on afterwards, and a lot of the time in 3rd gear. Better than 2nd gear 🙂

Missed the turn to Bukovel. Was going to visit a couple of famous mountains. No worries. Saw the mountains shortly afterwards. Hoverla and Petros.
No need to walk. Which apparently is a good idea. Hoverla is being ransacked much like Everest 🙁 And this article on Everest, is from 2013.

Some ways along the road to Dilove, came across this blue church. You have to look way in the back…..

A ride through Rakhiv, led me to a police/army checkpoint. There are checkpoints all near the border. Seeking out illegal immigrants, mainly.
This border checkpoint was just 200metres north of the European-mid-point. There are some who think the Latin was mis-translated. You can check-out the monument yourself at Latitude:47.9624771,Longitude:24.1835744 🙂
Reminds me of trying to find the mid-point of North America! hahahahaha

Ran down the last few klicks to my hotel in Dilove.
Svetlana sorted me out.
I took this photo of a party having supper, whilst on my way to write this blog …….

Well. Time to go down and have supper.

G’nite all 🙂

June says:

Enjoying the blog xx ☺

biker says:

Wait till you read today’s 😉
I am still daft! Means I have adventures 😉 hahahahahahaha