Was up later than expected.
Opening the skylight in my room, this sight greeted me……
hahaha! Yes. “Look Peter, you can see Khust Castle (sic) from here!” hahahahaha

Packed and enquired about a post office. Received directions and rode there.
The lady behind the counter was most unhappy. Did not want to sell me any stamps. Sent me to another room. Where a kinder lady explained that postage stamps are referred to as “ma-ruch-ki”, and sent me back to the same lady. I paid my monies and gave over the postcards.
Not sure if anyone will get their postcards. Some 2hrs later the thought came up that she could keep the cash and bin the cards! Wouzzer. As I said, she really was having a bad day, and seemed to take joy in messing people around.

But at the time, I was full of joy. All ten postcards written and posted. Plus a cafe across the street selling breakfast……
And yes, that was a nice strudel 🙂

TomTom took me off to Koson‘ (where they have hot baths fed by natural springs) via a plateau. Some nice twisties. And I had become totally Ukrainian, as in my riding. hahahahahaha
Don’t ask!

Planned a lunch stop some 20km out of Koson’, which ended up being Mukacheve. A bit of a weird place, as it seemed half Hungarian. Neither fish nor fowl.

Quick call with Barry and Chris. 50hrv does not last very long.

Had what seemed like a Romany kid, trying to pick-pocket the jacket I was carrying over my shoulder. Now that is a first in 74,000km.
This was whilst taking the photo below……
For those that do not read cyrillic, the sign reads “Spectre”. But it’s OK. No need to call James Bond, as this is an electrical shop. Unless, it was just a clever disguise……

In my wanderings, I picked up some more cash, as the hot-springs were pricey, and found a cafeteria-like place selling Ukrainian foods…….
Was a perfect lunch.
PS: What do you call kelp in Ukraiina? Marine cabbage! I like that 🙂

The roads had been a variety of 2’s, 3’s, 4’s and 5’s. It was just that you never knew which was coming up next.
The last stretch into Koson’, was no different. So I was looking forwards to a good soak.

Big sign led me to the hot springs before Koson’ itself.
Was asked not to leave my bike by the door, even though there was lots of room, and a car-park by definition is for cars? haha. I put the bike in the car-park and went inside.
Lots of people, but they were all trying to get into the hot-springs.
I went upstairs to the hotel. However, no room at the inn. Which explains why it is not on any of the online sites. Nor has any English version. They are busy all the time.
Klitschko is supposed to have an interest here, according to the lads I met earlier. But no chance to rub shoulders with the hoi-poloi, so I found a place near Uzhhorod from the hotel lobby, then went back to the bike and took this selfie……
……before riding off.

TomTom then managed to mislead me, into a railway siding. You can see the yellow road curving. TomTom sent me straight ahead, and 10metres UNDER the road bridge, that I was then asked to turn right onto. Hmmmmmm. I think the Dutch have forgotten the navigation skills, that built their trading empire.
Another adventure 🙂

I arrived at Uzhhorod, or rather, Storozhnytsya, an outlying village, where the hotel is located.
And there was a highway, where the bike could stretch it’s legs 🙂

Looking for the hotel became a bit of a challenge.
I did not see any signs, but that was because I was focused on the roads and traffic.
Pulled over and tried Google. That wanted to put me into Uzhhorod.
But there are always the GPS co-ordinates. Plugged those into TomTom, and found a field. Hmmmmm.
Luckily a neighbour was outside, and gave me directions. I missed the turning point 🙂 Called in. Was close. Called again, and found the place.

TLC for the bike.
Bathed, changed and went for supper.

Supper was in the garden, within huts. Nice way of giving a bit of privacy in the outdoors. And cool enough to keep the mosquitos away.

What was for supper?
Yup. Another plate of salo, a tomato salad and bread 🙂

Main course was salmon and garlic potatos……….

Went back to my room to write up the blog, but the bed was calling. I heeded the call, and was lights out before 11pm.

June says:

Really enjoyed reading your blog!
You are having such fun!
(If I don’t receive a postcard, I shall know why?! Tres diplomatique! )