Storozhnytsya Day02 (Friday)

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Was up at 4am, so could deal with messages from Canada 🙂
Then back to sleep.
Slept till 9am, which is when I had ordered breakfast.

Breakfast was tiny but filling.

I then returned to my room. Had to get in touch with J&S Accessories as my TomTom holder is broken!

Then did some more planning. Looks as if I need to leave on Monday. It’s a long way to Graz. And just as far to Frankfurt, where I have to be for the 27th.

Back into the garden for an early supper, as tonight I have a sauna 🙂

Did some catching up, then into the sauna. hahahahaha There was I expecting a small wood lined room and a shower, which there was, but so much more. Massage area. Hot tub. Cold pool. Lounge! Game room!
Had the place to myself 🙂

Two bottles of water at the bar, and to bed.