Storozhnytsya Day03 (Saturday)

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Up for an espresso and water, then catch the bus to Uzhhorod. 4hrv fare.

Was crowded by the time I reached the bus station, so glad to get off. And have a pastry from one of these many booths you see everywhere.

Next stop was the train station. Just to check it out.
Someone was shipping a car. Beats driving on these roads!
Train looked even higher off the ground then in North America. People in wheelchairs?

Wandered over the river Uzh and up to the castle.

The castle was 3hrs of wandering into rooms here and there with everything from ancient weapons to cuckoo clocks, and everything in between.
Also had a memorial to those from Za’karpaty who had lost there lives since Russia invaded, this time.

The war is still going on. But seemingly forgotten outside of Ukrainians.
And over a million people who have left their homes.
But I guess this is old news in the west.

Had a late lunch at the castle. Holubtsi at last. Bez myaso:)
Watched archers at play.
Had some nice semi-sweet Ukrainian wine.

Wandered into town.
Sat at some random cafe, where a large white wine and a bottle of mineral water was 24hrv.
Then into the Mustard Seed alley.
The maket to buy some fruit.
Then across the pedestrian bridge and into the new town.

Was looking for a place to eat when Nick let me know that Leicester were 1-0 up against Burnley.
So I hot-footed it back across the bridge to an Irish pub. After all, they had to have a TV with the game. Right?
Drowned my sorrows with Bushmills and an Irish stew, whilst my phone was charging.
The Irish stew was unlike any other Irish stew I have had, but very tasty.

Walking to find a cab, I came across this cute and friendly cafe. Had a nice chat, a shot and walked on.

Came across a taxi, negotiated a price and drove home.

Or nearly home. Decided to checkout a couple of places near this hotel.

One was a hotel with a bar.

The other was a restaurant, who would not fry their vareniki!

Ended the night with a wine and a chat with the staff.

There was a wedding going on (saw 2 in Uzhhorod) but must have been the quietest wedding ever!