Up, packed and rode off to the border.
Was a quick run. Made shorter by a road-block. Uncommunicative bunch, which seems weird, as it was a protest. There were signs up, that did not make sense to me. A search turned up that it was something about foreign cars in Ukraiina.

Got to a second crossing in Uzhhorod, to be told it was only for truckers. Border guard kindly suggested an AK47 for persuasion, or try a crossing at Chop 🙂 I rode over to Chop ASAP and crossed in under 4hrs. No issues either on the Ukrainian nor Hungarian side.
Seemed to be mainly females on both sides. Customs agent on the Hungarian side looked kind of attractive. Pistol on her thigh helped.
Still. All best laid plans of mice and men. I was supposed to run through the hills of Slovakia. But the plains of Hungary will have to do.

Across the border some kind police officers explained to me about the highway “sticker”. And hopefully I bought one at the place they suggested. Hungarian is not even close to Ukrainian!

Rode on.

Had a bit of rain on the way to the border. 20mins after the border it came down much more, so rode till I could find a place to dress. Free cleaning for the jeans though 😉

A fill up, gave me a chance to clean the helmet visor, and drink a cup of coffee with WiFi. Found a place for the night, and rode on. Was a bit further then I thought. But arrived safely. Am close to Budapest, but still a ways to Graz.


Called J&S Accessories about my TomTom. Shame to say, they needed the call, and a follow-up email to understand the problem.

TLC for the bike, then in for supper. Had a buffet supper running. So I browsed. Was OK…..