There I was, minding my own business, when I met a couple of bikers.
“You have to ride Matra Mountains” they said, and pointed it out to me on the map.
Well what’s the point of chatting with chaps if you don’t take their advice. And my Michelin map had most of it in “green”, ie:scenic route. Ola would be proud 🙂

I set off and first rode into Eger for a look around. Seemed nice.

By now I was begining to feel the effects of my coffee at the petrol station where I had met the riders. This was new.
Eat salo that had been out in the sun all day. No stomach issues.
One Hungarian espresso, and…….

Anyhow, rode on through the twisties in the mountains. It was lovely.

Found a posh hotel (guaranteed nice washrooms) and pulled in for lunch.
Here was the view…….
And here was the lunch…..
Tasty but tough to eat.

Decided to play it safe. Found a place to stop at just down the road.

Caught up on my email, at their restaurant. Northwich J&S Accessories had taken 5 days to figure out that I should call TomTom Support, ref my broken holder. And that took two calls from me. In their defence, they knew nothing about the product.
Thanks to Haylee ( from Oz) I should be getting replacement parts soon, from TomTom.

All caught up, I had supper…..
Easy to eat, bland.

Went to bed