Up, packed and on the road.

Budapest was an easy ride, and mainly highways on flat ground. Glad I rode theMatra mountains yesterday. Made up for the flat parts.

Rode through bits of Budapest. Did not find a reason to linger.

Next stop was Veszprem

Rode into town and around a bit. Decided I would stay the night here.
Was after 3pm, and nowhere closer than 3hrs away.

Booked in.
TLC for the bike.
Then took a stroll downtown.

Young receptionist had given me dirctions to the castle. And a map. Problem was, the castle was off the map. Still. I saw more of the city 🙂

Found the castle. Not your stereotype. Nice view

Whole town felt nice.

Supper at a gasthof, on the map, and on the way home.
Here’s the only photo 🙂
Best Hungarian food so far 🙂
And service!

G’nite all