bad Gleichenberg and Bed

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Rode into town down some very cute roads. Am sure TomTom was taking some odd turns, but did point me to a petrol station.

Pulled up at a very nice hotel. I had ordered a single room, and it came with a balconey.

After unpacking and TLC for the bike, I Went in search of the Tourist Information office.
Nice to know Austrians have a sense of humour. Receptionist had given me a map and sent me over the big hill in front of the hotel. Should have contoured!!!

Tourist information gave me info about
(a) the castle – is a ruin, not maintained, and no roads go there
(b) laundromat – near hotel in student building
(c) supper – at Maria’s, two doors over

Maria served excellent schnitzel…..

and passable wine…..

Contoured my way home and to bed.
Which is why I awoke at 4am, and caught the end of Death Race, in German.
Then went back to sleep.