bad Gleichenberg Day02 (Friday)

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Up and an excellent breakfast.

Then off to the castle, on my unpacked bike……


If you follow the road in a straight line, then look for a little wall on the skyline, that is the castle.

So I tried riding up, but only private roads.
Still there was a footpath marked on the map. So a couple of laps, had the path and my parking spot sorted.

I parked the bike next to a bench in a farmers field.
Austria is nice that way. You will find a bench in all sorts of remote locations. I saw lots when I was doing my laps.

Having climbed a mountain to get to a castle before, this one seemed easy. Really easy.

Here’s me at one of the walls……

Strolled around for a bit. There were hints of paths everywhere. And some well defind ones around the walls.

I took this view from such…..

Climbed around for a bit more, then came back down to the bike.
Had taken my knee armour off before the walk. And left my jacket. But needed neither. “Train hard. Fight easy.” hahahaha

Sat on the bench by my bike, admiring the view. A reverse of the bike photo. I would have taken a photo, but so enjoyed the view of Bad Gleichenberg, that I could have sat there for ever.

Rode back into town and decided that if I was going to do laundry, should start with the bike. So I did.

Found the laundromat and did some shopping at a nearby supermarket.

Had a snack. Whiskey infused sausage anyone?

Then did the laundry. Luckily I had sussed the place and brought 20Euros of 50cent pieces. Was enough for me to do mine, and trade with Stefa, an occupational therapist. However it did not get me in her good books enough for a shoulder massage. haha
Yup. Have twinges from all this riding.
The sauna in Uzhhorod helped. But think a massage would do more .

Still, am sitting here, in clean clothes, after a shower, and with a bottle of Puntigamer.
Perfect end to the day.
Graz tomorrow.

G’nite all.

ps: I really like Austria

Richard says:

Nice, very nice.

biker says:

thank you
thank you
thank you very much 🙂

June says:

Beautiful blue sky, the weather looks gorgeous – compared to rainy England.
Glad you like Austria

biker says:

Aside from the smoking.
They still smoke inside bars, cafes and some restaurants 🙁

June says:

Sounds perfect! Haha ☺
“Sir” Keef Richards on BBC 4:
Lost Weekend; surrounded in a swirl of smoke. Tis a lost art.
And for a good reason, no doubt.

Stuart says:

Find any cows with bells. Loads in Austria, with big horns!

biker says:

Nothing quite like cows wandering across a road, leaving presents for you to ride into as you round a corner!