Was a shame to leave Bad Gleichenberg. Nice place. Only drawback was the wifi in the hotel. Only worked in the common areas.

But a bright and sunny day. Off to Graz. Everyone says it’s a lovely place.

So here are some pictures from the top of the “hill”……

And one of the reasons for climbing the hill…..
Who is that handsome man? hahaha

Then back down for a brief stroll through the old town. Where I took this “reverse photo”…..

Hills are getting smaller. Or I am getting fitter!


Took the fast route to my next bed for the night. Michelin had not marked this as a scenic route, but they should have.

Elected to stay in a small town. How small? Here is the main street….

Room nice enough. Town nice, and really geared towards skiers. Hard to do that in this sunny weather 🙂

All the walking made me hungry. So had a goulash soup (nice but no pics) and a mixed grill…..
Luckily the place has a garden, as the bar has a group of smokers, who look like they come with the bar.

Caught up on my paperwork. But the blog will have to wait, as the wifi is only in the bar.

Good part is that I missed Leicester going down 4-1 to ManU 🙁
Oh well. Maybe we should buy Rooney and put him in our midfield to bolster it up. ManU (apparently) played better without him, so he could be cheap……

Had a cuppa and went to bed.