Running towards Heidelberg

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Up to breakfast.
Caught up with wifi at the same time.
It is only available in the restaurant.

Then on the road.
Sun shinning 🙂
But only 10degC.
Hey I must be in the Alps!

Awesome scenery.

On the way up the mountains a kind biker pulled me over. I had forgotten to lock down a lid on my pannier. Nothing had fallen out. But. It just goes to prove that bikers are nice people 🙂

Ran down the other side of the mountain pass, and ran along a little further. Needed a fill up. For me as well as the bike. Here is mine……
Not bad.

Ran on to my target point.Had an espresso with a cake. Then decided to run on some more.

Booked a place 90km further and ran on.

Arrived in Landshut around 4pm.
Would have been much later if I had been in a car. Lots of tractors and slow moving trucks. Hard to overtake when you are in a car.
My advice? Get a bike!

Kind lady at reception insisted I park in their garage. TLC and inside storage. The bike is really being spoilt 🙂

Caught up on some of the BCS stuff. Our AGM is on Wednesday.

Then out for a stroll and supper.
Skipped the Route66 cafe. After all, I have been on the real thing 🙂
Ended up at a Turkish donner kebab place. Alright.

Then back and bed.

G’nite all.

Richard says:

Yum, that looks good. Reminds me of what my mum used to make.

biker says:

You mean a tall, lanky, ex-footie player turned professional photographer?