Thought I should stay another day in Landshut, but the bookings at this place were all gone for Monday night. So put in a request to have an extra night in Heidelberg and set off.

Nice sunny day, though only 10degC.

Somewhere, along the way I found lunch

Yes. McDonalds for lunch. Who would have thought it. But it was better than I thought 🙂

Into Heidelberg.
Park @ Knopfs.
War stories with the other guys.
This is home 🙂

G’nite all

June says:

Hurrah for McDonald’s!
McD = global village!
Global village has a Canadian connection.
I Googled it x ☺

Stuart says:

Looks pretty dam good. I bet it’s half the size of a North America one 🙂 better get two!

Stephen says:

where are you now Lucifer – it has been 3 days?