Well it has been a few days

Took the bike in to get it prep’d for a service. Is too late to bring it back.

Supper with Larry at a donner kebab place.

Then up the next day to go see Nigel.
Whilst getting to the chocolatier, I saw a lot of the pedestrian area. hahahahaha. It really was TomTom’s fault.
Saw a lot of Frankfurt too. Thanks to TomTom. That’s some 20km west of Nigel.
Only other hiccup was a “smart” traffic light that will not recognize a motorcycle. Had built up a long queue of cars behind me.
Arrived safe and sound. Nice cup of tea, then a long walk for lunch. Really long walk!
Back for another cuppa, then a ride back along the scenic route.

When I arrived back in Heidelberg, went for a nice supper of schnitzel and pasta, with the rest of the crew, and Stefan.

Yesterday was spent organizing my stuff, and cleaning the bike.
How can you tell it is clean? Check the rear wheel.

Supper was a donner kebab followed by champagne. Really expensive. hahahaha
Not alone, but with nice people from Vermont.

Up this morning to breakfast, pack and say farewell to my bike 🙁
Yes! In less than 3yrs I have over 76,000km on this bike 🙂 Not bad, wot?

Am sat here at the airport waiting to board, and updating the blog. Would have done it sooner, but was with family 🙂 🙂 🙂

See you all in Toronto soon.

June says:

May I call you “Lucifer”? It’s a great nickname!!
It’s been a real pleasure to read your blog, travels and adentures. Thanks for sharing.
And safe journey home.
☺ xx

biker says:

Call me anything you want, just don’t call me late for supper 🙂 🙂 🙂

June says:

Very funny, it’s been fun! ☺