Flight was a bit late due to headwinds. but pilot did well landing with a strong cross-wind.
Limo took me to bed.

This Saturday morning, up, and a cup of tea. Then off to run some errands.
This included Kensington Market, Toronto Library, Queen West, and of course, The Football Factory.
Took most of the day. Was nice visiting the old neighbourhood. Things have changed. But started getting back in touch with old friends 🙂

Supper was a steak&mushroom pie, with two salads. I have been dreaming of those pies for a while. Nice to have your dreams come true 😉

G’nite all.
Have to be up early tomorow to catch the game.

stephen says:

Lucifer – you are back in Toronto – now we will have to get back into the Luciferian rituals.