Perfectly predictable.
How come? Based on my ride-around the USA. Everyone I talked to, supported Trump, outside of the big cities of New York, LA, San Francisco and Washington. And yes I did win a scotch on this election win:)
I was not alone. Back in March professor Helmut Norpothwas interviewed by the Huffington Post giving Trump an 87% chance of beating Hilary Clinton. And he has a track record of getting it right.

So why write about this?
Cannot believe how surprised the media is. I saw the prof on BBC World a few weeks before the election predicting a Trump victory.

Maybe if the media actually talked to people instead of themselves, they would not have been surprised.
And where is the USA media based? New York, Washington and LA. All big Hilary support centres.

The media was wrong on Brexit too. So this not just a North American problem.

Guess my accidental choice in 2002 to give up listening to media was right.
Why accidental?
Took the summer off to spend with my son. During that time I stopped reading newspapers and watching the news. I noticed two things (1) I felt happier (2) I missed nothing.
So I continued the experiment. The benefits continued.
Try it yourself.

Don’t believe me?
Read through a newspaper, or watch your favourite TV news programme. Count the pieces of actionable information, as opposed to opinion. You will find very little, if any, actionable information.
Ergo, why bother.

So this is why I am writing.
Do yourself a favour, and give up on the news media.

Stephen says:

Give up the mainstream media – just a giant propaganda machine driven by corporate oligarchy – total mind manipulation – but like Leonard Cohen says – everybody knows now. Yes give up the mainstream media and cleanse your mind and soul. Get real news with the independent media – think for yourself.