Home is where the Bike is

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Time to go.
Limo to the airport.
Curry and chat whilst waiting.
Plane was a half hour late.So I waited till the last few were boarding. Scored an aisle seat with no neighbour.
Plugged into the audio-books.And settled in for the night.
Awoke in time for supper. But slept through breakfast. And this was on the bumpiest flight I have ever been on.
Landing was rough too.
Waited till most people off. Never understand why people stand up as soon as the plane lands. They end up carrying their luggage until the doors open.I waited till they were all off and deplaned.
Overtook most people. However it did not help getting to my ride. Frankfurt airport is confusing when looking for anything outside of airline desks and gates. No real-person to help. And no real maps.
Did find the Meeting Place, and eventualy the shuttle.
Arriving in Heidelberg, I found my bike and bed:)

Fixed the TomTom mount with the new part.
Covered up the bike. Well, it is raining.
Supper at my fav kebab place.
Then a walkabout to get some fresh air in order to stay awake.
That was also my excuse for the pastry and espresso 🙂
Bought some fruit. And some cheese.

So here I am having a cup of tea with some brie.

G’nite all