Evening in Heidelberg

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Up at 10am. Even though I was in bed by 7pm. Had stayed up as long as I could. Fell asleep listening to Agatha Christie stories.

Checked out the bike. Lights all AOK. Tires needed minor adjustment (normal).
Put the handlebar muffs back on. Glad I’d brought another roll of duck tape.
Took the bike out for a spin. Been a while, and still a bit woosy.
Safely back.
Checked the oil. Perfect. On the half-way line.

Time for a stroll.

Caught the train into downtown.
Then a stroll.
Here’s one of the views…..

Then a stroll around the old part of town. Just as nice as in day-time.

Wandered around till I felt hungry. Took a side street or three. Found a likely gasthof and had supper……
Am missing the potato&dumpling soup.

Back to the railway station.
Just missed the train. So went out and did my postcards.
Don’t get excited 😉 Only three.

Then back to update this blog.
Had some cream cheese and wine.
NOTE: the clever push-off, push-on, glass top. Seals properly. How do I know? The bottle is lying in the fridge 🙂

So that has been my second day.

Tomorrow is a longer ride around. Then planning on where to go.

“There’ll be blue-birds over…….”?

Richard Swiecki says:

Good to see you back on the road. Real food, real beer and winding roads. Woke up this morning to 1 degree and warming up to 3 this afternoon. You just missed the cold temps. Now for a cold 5 months. Yuck!
Have a great time in Spain.

biker says:

Decided to head to the white cliffs of Dover first. Christmas in Merrie Old England. Then head down to Marrakesh.

ps: tell Pat to check her phone 😉