Yesterday was catchup day.
Caught up on sleep and my ToDo’s

Feeling refreshed, I was up before 8am, Tai Chi,breakfast, check tire pressures and pack the bike.

Only covered a few kilometres before I was stopped by the police. It’s been so long that I pulled over to let them go by me. Bit of a surprise to find they wanted to stop me!
They were uber polite.
Turned out they were just curious about the bike 🙂
Checked my paperwork, and bid me wiedersein :):):)

Off I rode again. Following the route on TomTom.
After saying nice things about TomTom a couple of days ago, it reverted to it’s mad usual self.
Took me PAST a left turn, and then decided that I should have been going there instead of the next left! I kid you not. The map and route changed as I rode past the first left, whilst TomTom was telling me to take the second left. aaaagh
Then it led me in circles. To be honest, it was a complicated cloverleaf-type junction. But through poor lane designation and iffy instruction, I went round and round.
Only twice!
TomTom would ask me to execute a u-turn (to get back on track) but the road was clearly designated as ahead-only!
All was OK once I was out of Heidelberg.

Bike sounds and feels a bit rougher than I remember it, but where allowed, was happy at 170kph!

The countryside of rolling hills is still wearing it’s autumnal colours.
And the sun was peaking through the clouds.
So even with the temperatures dropping to 9degC it was lovely riding.

Filled up just outside Trier which was perfect. Bugs and water off the road had begun obsuring my visor.
Also warmed me up.

Then TomTom took me to the Roman arena
Outstanding technology for the time. There is a stage lift for getting masses of stuff onto and off the sandy floor!
Plus I learnt the origins of the word ‘vomit’ 🙂 Travel is so educational. hahaha

Rode over to the other side of town, to the Tourist Information office. Which was right next to the Porta Nigra. Impressive front gate!

Found a hotel.Hotel Pieper.
Peter (owner) was not only nice enough to give my bike garage space, but told me about his 600bhp++ Volvo

Up 3 flights of stairs. Ah Europe. No wonder people are slimmer here.
Nice, upmarket, single room with en-suite.
Unpacked then went to the Christmas market, where I had schweinsteak and Gluhwein 😉

It’s beginning to look a lot like……

Richard Swiecki says:

Wow! That Volvo looks mean especially with the roll bars. Maybe I should install some roll bars, just to make it look like t could go faster. hahaha. Nope keeping it stock. Less stuff to go wrong, especially since it has over 300 k on it.
Leicester also had a good day against those Belge. woohoo!