Headed out to Liege.

First stop was Bitburg. A nice little town, with brewery, coffee and donut……20161123_1140_bitbergquarkundkaffe

Was supposed to take a Michelin scenic route to Prum. However, I’d forgotten that TomTom will only find town centres sometimes. hahahahahaha

Rode straight to Spa.
Nice little town.
Gave the world the term “spa”.
Rode around.
Then rode on.

Liege quickly came into view. I filled the bike up. And found a place to stay. Then rode on. Eventually finding my B&B.
Nice old building. Parking in front. So TLC for the bike then out on the town……

Nice view of the opera house. NOTE: that is not scaffolding at the top, but the actual finished extension.

Had supper……20161123_1638_liegebelgiumsupper
Which included Belgium Fries;)

Then went walkabout, bumping into this……
as well as parts of Liege that looked like Corby πŸ™

Last stop was to be waffles, but missed that. Kitchen closed. So settled for a warming drink…….
Met a chap who’d spent time in Montreal. Enjoyed it so much, got a Maple Leaf (red) tattoo πŸ™‚ Received many queries in Quebec, as to why he did not have a Fleur de Lys!

A ‘Taras Bulba’ beer acted as the nightcap, and I walked home.

Richard Swiecki says:

Spa. Pat also has, had relatives there. Nice town with lottsa little bottles of very strong beer. I had one with over 11%. WOW!
You should also have moulles frites. Very tasty.


biker says:

am now in Dunkerque
Went to the theatre. Nice performance. This chap was OUTSTANDING
Sings better than me. I know. Hard to imagine πŸ™‚
Plays LOTS of instruments, AND the computer loops. BRILLIANTLY