Up to a full and tasty breakfast. No pics.

Prep’d the bike and rode off to the train station. Quite the architctural symbol.

Then out and head to Vimy.
The last time the rain was coming down in buckets. This time the sun was shining, though the wind was blowing hard.
TomTom only lied to me once on the way.

When you get on top of the ridge, it was easy to see why this was a key position. Long ridge, with LOTS of low ground behind it. So once past this defensive position it was an easy road East.
Hard to imagine taking this ridge.
Quite a large site. Seemed to be a lot under construction.
Walked around a bit, then rode off.

Filled up in the village. But it was past 2pm. France closes after lunch. So nowhere for a cuppa and a bowl of soup.

Ran up to Ypres for a bite to eat. And to look at the city again. Had rained a lot the last time in June.
Today, though sunny, had been quite chilly.
I was ready for food and rest.

TomTom took me to the wrong place. As did Google. So got off the bike, and walked around. Sure enough the hotel was nearby.
Booked into the hotel.
TLC for the bike. And parked indoors.

Walked back.
Found these chocolate poppies. Part of the British Legion fundraising efforts….

Also found a meringue, which went very well with a coffee, back in my room.


Went walkabout to find supper. Success! And only 8euros……
Too many fries! hahaha

The return route took me past the Menin Gate. Too late for the Last Post.

Then on for more chocolate from a shop next to the hotel 😉
To go with the nightcap…..
Gotta love Belgium 😉