Nice breakfast at the hotel. Then walk over to the Menim Gate (lots of kids doing tours), as I went to pickup the bike.

Did not check the tire pressures before I rode out. The garage was MUCH warmer then outside. Turned out that the day stayed mostly at 5degC, then climbed up to 7degC.

First stop was the St. Julien Memorial. Remembering that Canadians were the first to suffer a gas attack, and still hold their line.

Next was the Passchandaele New British Cemetery. I set a bad example to the school kids. They had to walk to the other end of the cemetery where the entrance was. I bunked over the wall just a quarter of the way down. Experience triumphs over youth again. hahaha

After that it was just a run to Dunkirk.
NB: Correct spelling is Dunkerque – really have to hit the original map makers with a stick! Why did they mis-spell or even re-name a place?

Now it looked like a boring ride. So I took a detour to Diksmuide. Random choice.
Chinese for lunch.
Nice place.

Then onto Dunkerque.

Today had been full of road-works, and continued that way. But eventually I reached the town.

TomTom took me along the wrong street for the destination. I kid you not.
How do I know? I had spotted the signs to Tourist Information and rode there after TomTom told me that I had passed the hotel. Tourist Information pointed out the correct street, parrallel to the one TomTom took me on. Really. How can TomTom get the street wrong?
Nowadays, I view the Dutch programmers, at best, in the same light as their football team. May be some good individuals, but a useless team. How useless? Worse track record than England. And England have won NOTHING since 1966.

With this thought in mind, it felt safer to walk. So I left the bike at Tourist Information.
Walked over and booked into the hotel.
Checked the entrance to the garage and then the room. Looks 1970’s on the outside, but the room is new, clean, smart and organized 🙂

Getting back to the bike I realized that today I had set a record for me. 75km was today’s total ride! Lowest total ever for one day. hahahaha

Rode the bike in. Glad I had walked the route. By booking in ahead, I had the key-fob and key needed to get to my parking spot.
Unloaded the bike.
TLC for the bike.
Then out for some shopping.
Picnic time.
Beaujolais Nouveau 2016 was available, as was goat cheese, some French salami and next door some bread. Plus an eclair just as walking food 😉

My wandrings took me to a rep theatre. Show on tonight. Feels like time I sat in the dark. Us mushrooms feel that way from time to time. hahahahahahaha

Ah that Beaujolais 😉