With this view of the harbour……
what else could I do but visit Dover Castle.

Quite a lot to take in.

The Romans built lighthouses there and the site has been in use ever since.

Managed a visit through some of the World War II tunnels, a multi-media experience.
Then up to the main tower, Queens Regiment museum and the Saxon church next to the remaining Roman lighthouse.
Managed a cuppa with a slice of Victoria sponge-cake, during the process.
Found a nearby guest house (already with a Beemer) and did some planning.

Decided to stay two nights.

Then went out for supper…..
Curates egg of a meal.

Then a walkabout and to bed.

Sunday morning up and catch Match of the Day. Leicester were lucky yesterday. Squeezed a draw 2-2 with two penalties.

Then out to get some cash and brunch. Ended up at Chaplins for a nice carrot soup, the a full roast-pork plate…….20161127_1128_doverchaplinssundaylunch
All very nice.
Very filling.
Needed a cup of tea afterwards 🙂

Then laundry.
Hmmmm. Rain brought in a crazy lady.

Off to the movies…….. and maybe a cider.


Richard Swiecki says:

What? No finch and chimps with musshy piss? So disappointed. On the coast and you’re eating like a continental. Or should i say in-continental.
Looking forward to your next meander although thought you might have been going south into France.

biker says:

been side-tracked into Christmas in London, for the Panto 🙂

June says:

Dover Castle. I visited 9 yrs ago. Good.
As a young man, my Grandfather survived the Somme, and in WW2 volunteered carpentry work at Dover Castle. (My Mother still has postcards he sent to her then, when she was a little girl.)
Always nice to get a postcard! ☺