Dover Exit to Lynn’s

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After a great time at The Thirsty Scarecrow, up next morning to prep and pack the bike.

Bid farewell to Dover and headed to Battle Abbey. 1066 and all that. I knew it would be closed. Many attractions open only on the weekend during the winter season. But was nice being just in front of the gate…….

I stood in front of the cafe that made this excellent pie….
which served as breakfast and lunch.

Had followed most of the directions to Battle, so had a really pleasant ride.

The ride to Lynn’s was equally pleasant.

A stop along the way at The English Wine Centre provided a surprisingly good pinot noir and some marmalade 🙂

Supper was casserole with Scarborough Fayre dumplings 🙂 Sorry no photos. Too busy eating.
And chatting.

Was well after dark before I bid farewell to Lynn and Ian.
Nice to know that us chaps are inherently healthy! hahahahahaha (You had to be there 😉

June says:

So, we women live longer?!
In order to have the last word. Ha ha!
All in good fun ☺