On my way to June’s

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Up to the sound of golfers in the morning.

I had stayed at a golf course last night. Parked in the lit patio area. Moved the bike as it was being surrounded by golf bags. These golfers were keen to get away, even though the frost was still on the ground!

TLC for the bike.
Packed and headed to June’s.

TomTom took me along a scenic route to the M25. All little hamlets and by pretty houses.

Had to bail off the M25 at Rickmansworth as I was low on gas. Filled up here
Was thinking of James who used to live here. Visited a couple of times. Once on a pub crawl, some 20+ years ago. Funnily enough neither of us could remember a pub called The Tree.

Which brings me to the U-turn.

I was on the M1 and getting close to Corby when I pulled over to warm up.
A cornish pasty and cup of tea later, I called a few people including June to give my ETA. Trouble was the next person I talked with was Robert. Who informed me that James was in town, with Anne! They had just flown in from Boston, USA. They were staying at the Seacrest Hotel, in Southsea.
So I made my apologies to June and headed back the way I came. Took just under 2hrs with the traffic.

We had an EXCELLENT evening.
Barry! You should have borrowed a horse and come in. That way you would have seen this unusual sight……
Yes that is Robert opening his wallet. I was not fast enough to catch the moths 😉
ps: some random happy chappie in the background

Lots of chat.
And a few drinks.
Wonderful 🙂

This morning brought sunshine and breakfast….
with James and Anne.

Then adieus and off to see Barry.