Sunday means, Adieu Stu

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Up to another sunny day.
Breakfast of scrambled eggs and coffee.
Eventually left Birkdale.
I say eventually, because we talked and talked and talked. Even while watching the highlights of England beating Australia at rugby 🙂

Stuart should not have said “Anytime”. I came right back.
Warning light on my “dashboard”.
Turned out to be a dead light-bulb.
Plugged in a replacement.
And rode off for real.

Passed by a bunch of antique and interesting cars. They seemed to be going to a Christmas parade, based on the amount of tinsel.

All went well till I came within sight of Burton-on-Trent. The warning light came back on. Second bulb had died.
Being without a dipped headlight made the last leg of the trip very interesting.

Booked into my hotel.

Cleaned up.

Out for a pint.
And a Thai supper.
Where I did what I had neither the time, nor the network, to do. Wrote in my blog.

And there we are. All caught up on the blog.

G’nite all.