Thursday, made it to June’s

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Bid adieu to Barry after fixing his laudry-room door lock.
Had locked myself in there last night. Luckily Barry let me out, else I could still be there! hahahahahaha

Rode up to Oxford. Found a chocolate shop and bought the necessary.

Arrived at June’s just after dark, and in time for Graham to hit me over the head.
I kid you not. His excuse was that he was closing the garage door, and did not see me there. Me. In my yellow, day-glow jacket….hmmmm
By now I suspect the audience has split into three goups:
(1) those thinking “oh what a shame”
(2) those thinking “oh what a shame it was not harder”
(3) those thinking “oh, ho ho ho”

Still. A cup of tea, and Grand Tour episode two, made it all better.

The next morning we were up and downtown Corby. Picked up a ticket for tonight and some “chish n fips”. Huge piece of fish.

Then I rode to Wellingborough and met me wonderful god-daughter 🙂 This vegan diet does seem to suit her. Looks really good on it! I may have to try it.
One of her lads was down from Uni, where he is studying Maths. Made it seem like only a few years since I was a skinny, bearded student.

Back and park the bike in June’s garage.
Without loss of consciousness 😉

Then we all went to see Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band. Now there is a rave from the grave!
The venue also served real ale 🙂

We left before midnight, as Graham had to be up at 6am.

June says:

Graham says :

He’ll get you next time!

Just kidding, a great visit ☺

biker says:

Oh no he won’t!


June says:

Practising for Pantomime!

biker says:

Oh yes I am!