Walter, Orisya and Liverpool

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Up a bit late. Cup of tea, and say my farewells.
Not to Graham. He’s gone to London. Millwall. No doubt where he will put his head-hitting technique to good use. 😉

Around to Wal’s.
Found out that Mum n Dad’s house is sold. He did well. Was full of junk. And the sale should complete by February.
Wal saved some family snaps that raised a smile. Here’s one……

Next stop was Orisya.
Aside from loads of chat there was a BIG plate of vareniki. Just what a biker chap needs in this cold weather.

Then a long ride up to Liverpool, and see Stu.
No Vini. She was away in Germany, near Heidelberg! If only I had known. I would have stayed there.

After an EXCELLENT supper…..
……it was on with the dancing girls.
PS: If you believe that, have I got some swampland in Florida for you! hahaha