Monday and how do I leave Burton?

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Up to a nice breakfast of kippers.

Room not available for more days so plan to swing by the Brewery Centre and head off to my godfather.
Leastways that was the plan.
Had called ahead. Godfather said to come Wednesday. So I have to stay two more nights.

Booked into the Grail whilst going around the museum. This being my favourite vehicle
There is more than beer at this museum.

Dropped the bike off at my new hotel and walked back to the Brewery Centre.

Redeemed my 3 beer tickets then had lunch……

Then back to the hotel and book in.

Next stop, Marston’s Brewery. One of my favourites 🙂
Unfortunately, there were no slots on the tours, so I had to content myself with photos…….
And a pint of Pedigree……
which if you are not careful they will pour via a sparkler. Agggghhhhhh!

Back to the hotel for supper. Also included some great chat 🙂

Moved onto a hole-in-the-wall bar (properly termed, a micro-pub) with outstanding beers……
……where I was led astray and ended up in another pub. Shortly, the conversation turned to dancing girls, so I ran away 😉

A nice curry on the way back

A classic British night 😉