Up to find a misty morning.

Breakfast and pack the bike.

Then head out to Lichfield cathedral. Just to give thanks for still being able to do this 🙂
Had a nice chat with another biker. Is getting a new bike at 71yrs old. BMW.
But the barber I went to yesterday, is much younger, but also has to get a new bike. His father has “borrowed” his Harley. For just over a year. hahaha. Barber is also thinking BMW.

After the cathedral – rode to the National Memorium Arboretum.
My take. It’s a bit weird. British tradition is to raise a cemetry in the area of the battle. Back home the military will decide what it needs to do. So this mish-mash of military and non-military memorials will take some getting used to.
Mish-mash? Royal Canadian AirForce is here….
but no idea how the memorials are ordered. Seems to be a mish-mash on purpose.

Had an acceptable late lunch…..

Then rode by my B&B to ensure I could find it in the dark. Just as well. TomTom does not recognize the barrier between the road the house is on, and the bypass 🙁

Rode down for my chat with the godfather.
He is much better than last time. Neck-brace is gone. And house looking more normal.
Is deaf though. And won’t say anything during a conversation. haha

Rode up to my B&B.

Nice place and only a short walk to the village.
Three pubs. All serving Pedigree. All using sparklers. Aaaagh.

Nice curry…….
at the other end of the village.

And a cab home.
After all, I am Canadian, and long walks are counter to North American culture! hahahaha

G’nite all

Stephen says:

It is time to get a boat to Ireland – north and South and get really enlightened. Belfast and Dublin will be hopping at Xmas time.

biker says:

Already booked into a panto in London for Christmas.
Oh, yes, I am 🙂