Woke up a bit late.

Sorted out next leg and did some planning around London.

Went in search of a post office. Good news: website lists location. Bad news: incorrect information.
But at the time, I took the information at face value.

Decided to take the stroll. But a few kilometers so took on some Hereford beef

Suitably fortified, I headed to Old Eign Hill, which is aptly named. Quite the climb.

Arrived to find the shop open but the post office counter closed. Poor young girl was, well, a poor young girl. No idea about postal rates nor Canada’s location. I sorted things out. And posted my letter.

The walk back was a different route which gave a good view of the Wye valley.

And upon the return, at the Green Dragon, a comfy chair, for a pot of tea and some cake

And so back home and an early night. For tomorrow, we ride.

G’nite all.